Sheila Mixson

Chestnut Hill College
Chestnut Hill College

My name is Sheila Mixson. I am very grateful to have been connected to Graduate! Philadelphia and the various supportive services provided through them. I was previously successful when attending college, but I encountered some difficult life circumstances that occurred all around the same time. My children's school work also had become more challenging and they required more time and assistance. For these reasons I had to discontinue my classes. The more time that had lapsed since I was in school gave me more doubt about returning. I was very concerned about starting over. I had worked so hard to earn credits and I thought they may not transfer because of the time span.

While I was unemployed, I learned about Graduate! Philadelphia at CareerLink. I was given encouragement about returning from the initial meeting. The young lady I met with was also returning to school for graduate studies. She expressed sincerity and concern. She gave me information, and helped me set up a meeting with a school advisor. I am now a full time student at Chestnut Hill College and on the Dean’s List.

Not only did Graduate! help with this re-enrollment process, they have been a great resource with the free workshops that they provide. They routinely share information on employment opportunities as well. In addition to all this support, I was a fortunate recipient of a scholarship I applied for through Graduate!

I encourage those of you who are still contemplating this step of continuing your education to speak to a representative of Graduate! Philadelphia, and see how barriers to this goal can be overcome.