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Julia Capese
Community College of Philadephia

I have been trying to get back to school to complete my degree since 2005. I didn’t know which school to attend, what area to study, or(…)

Heather Lane
St. Joseph University

My journey of pursuing my Bachelor’s degree began 30 years ago at Penn State University in 1988.

Jeremiah Laster
East Stroudsburg University

In 2010, I was searching for an opportunity to complete a bachelor degree program. Graduate! Philadelphia advertised such an opportunity(…)

Bernita Harrod
Thomas Edison State University

My name is Bernita Harrod and I am a Comebacker.  Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about myself and my journey toward finishing my college degree.

Sherie Atkinson
Thomas Edison State University

Thinking of how my education got started again, I want to give thanks to Graduate! Philadelphia.  In 2014, there was a boot camp class(…)

Charise Pastorik
Cheyney University

My name is Charise Pastorik, and if it wasn’t for Graduate Philadelphia, I probably never would have had the courage to go back to(…)

Kevin Jackson
Community College of Philadelphia

I am proud to say that I graduated this past June from Community College of Philadelphia with a degree in respiratory therapy.Completing(…)

Gladys Sistrunk
Cabrini College

My vision for my future is clear; I want to explore religious studies, which to some may be pointless. However, my faith is love,(…)

Rick Himmons
Peirce College

I got tired of working retail so I decided to go back to school and get my bachelors degree. I want to expand my skills and then be able to put them to good use.

Keith Colquitt
Penn State University

I had been unemployed for several years due to a back injury I got from my last (highly paid) job. I took a job as a school janitor to(…)

Kimberly Lowe
Chestnut Hill College

I started going to Temple University in 1989 but had to leave to help out at home when my father passed and my mother was ill. To help(…)

Yvonne Garner
Chestnut Hill College

I completed my Associates from the Community College of Philadelphia and this fall I’m attending Chestnut Hill College to get my(…)

Anthony Banks
La Salle University

When I told a former co-worker that I would really like to go back to school, she highly recommended the Graduate! Philadelphia program.(…)

Lynn Costello
Rosemont College

My journey with college started with Graduate! Philadelphia over three years ago. I knew that I wanted to change career paths but was(…)

Michael Johnson
Philadelphia University

My name is Michael Johnson. I’m a non-traditional, 43-year-old graduating student in the Accelerated Behavioral Health and Science(…)

Janice Saunders
Neumann University

The staff at Graduate! Philadelphia as well as the instructors and advisors at Neumann University offered me continuous encouragement,(…)

Kimberly Mitchell
Thomas Edison State University

My journey began in 1987 when I first started college at Temple University. I was a mediocre student but always felt drawn to the field(…)

Emaline Baronofsky
Peirce College

Graduate Philadelphia! Where would I be today if it were not for this organization? I was out of work and indecisive of my next course(…)

Desiree Neal
The Center for Urban Theological Studies

Graduate! Philadelphia Comebacker Desiree Neal is a Philadelphia native who grew up in a family of singers and entertainers, and was(…)

Luis Oqendo
Peirce College

Let me start by saying that my journey with Graduate! Philadelphia has been amazing. Graduate! Philadelphia is known for assisting(…)

Jose Ramirez
Philadelphia University

Since I began my studies at Philadelphia University in the Accelerated Degree Program in September 2012, the program has provided me(…)

KC Drayton
Peirce College

I wish that you could just see how wonderful you all look from my vantage point. Graduate! Philadelphia helped me create what I(…)

Patricia Donnelly
Arcadia University

May 16, 2014. Commencement day, the culmination of all my hard work was about to be celebrated with all my family and friends. I(…)

Sheila Mixson
Chestnut Hill College

My name is Sheila Mixson. I am very grateful to have been connected to Graduate! Philadelphia and the various supportive services(…)

Cathy Arnold
Peirce College

I told myself that when my son was older that I would go to college and get a Bachelors degree. I wanted to attend college when I(…)