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Malik Brown

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Malik Brown is a seasoned leader with a unique portfolio of cross-sector experiences. His work and impact span multiple industries, including business, nonprofit, and higher education. At the Graduate! Network, Malik is responsible for developing strategic, cross-sector relationships (business, government, higher education, and nonprofit) in order to advance the mission of adult degree attainment, workforce readiness, and inclusive economic development. In his previous role as the associate vice president of workforce solutions & community impact for Peirce College, Malik was responsible for building workforce development solutions, cultivating strategic partnerships, and driving community impact. Prior to joining higher ed, Malik was part of the executive team at Diversified Community Services. He was responsible for the adult and family services division of the organization. Malik partnered with colleges and universities, city and state officials, corporations, and foundations to help working adults and families across the region achieve economic wellbeing and financial stability. Over the course of his career, Malik has worked in finance, customer relationship management, and diversity and inclusion. His time with national organizations like Inroads, Accenture, and the United Way has provided him with a broad range of management insights and capabilities—and a passion for serving working adults and nontraditional populations. Malik is a passionate advocate and champion of social and economic mobility for non-traditional learners. To make a difference and give voice to important regional issues, Malik also serves on several nonprofit boards and regional steering committees. He serves on the board of directors of ACHIEVEability and the Settlement Music School, and on the Education and Talent Steering Committees for both the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and the Main Line Chamber of Commerce. Malik is a life-long learner. He strongly believes in ongoing career development, sponsorship, and life coaching for those who are most disconnected from opportunity. He is a servant leader who is dedicated to the personal and professional development of others. Malik attended Clark University in Worcester, MA where he earned his BA and MBA. Malik has been married to his wife Ayana for 13 years and has two little girls (Aleena and Myka). He resides in the West Oak Lane section of the city. Above all else, Malik is most proud of his relationship with his two girls.

Anthony Johnson

College Success Advisor


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Anthony Johnson is a Philadelphia native and a dedicated educator with over 20 years of experience in program management and administration. He is an instructor in the fields of education, human services, and GED. In addition to his work at Graduate! Philadelphia, Anthony is C.E.O. of Dream Field Academy, a non-profit organization that provides academic enrichment and fencing lessons to youth and adults. Anthony’s interests include motivating and challenging people of all ages to achieve. Anthony received his B.A. from Cheney University and his M.A. from La Salle University. He is the author of 7 books as well as over 80 articles in newspapers and magazines.

Sena Owereko

Director of Education and Community Programming


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Christian Sanders

Marketing Communications Associate


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Rachelle Coleman

Executive Assistant


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