Employer Talent Solutions

Graduate! Philadelphia can support employers who are committed to helping their employees return to school to complete their college degree. Graduate! Philadelphia’s services improve degree attainment rates, reduce tuition costs, leverage tuition benefits programs (with federal and state student grants, and scholarships) and increase accountability.

Direct benefits to employers include:

  • Employee talent development
  • Reduced employee turnover rates which translates to lower hiring and training costs
  • Increased recruitment and retention rates
  • Higher employee job satisfaction
  • A better educated talent pool for in-house promotion opportunities

Employees can either self-identify and pursue degree completion (for 2 and 4 year degrees) independently using Graduate Philadelphia’s services or Management can identify employees for the degree completion program. Graduate Philadelphia’s services can be provided onsite.

Included with an advising contract are:

  • Individual advising services
  • Surveys to determine employee interest and needs
  • Unlimited employee participation in college fairs
  • Fee waivers at partner colleges and universities
  • Single point of contact for 10 colleges and universities
  • Co-branded messages and materials
  • Assistance with obtaining college credit for prior learning and competencies
  • Aggregate reports on employee participation, progress and outcomes
  • On-site college fairs and workshops
  • Customized college resource center