Rick Himmons

Peirce College
Peirce College

I got tired of working retail so I decided to go back to school and get my bachelors degree. I want to expand my skills and then be able to put them to good use.

I was drawn to Peirce College for their business school. Other colleges in the area do not put as much emphasis on business education, or they have a broader focus. Peirce is oriented towards business and offers a number of different specialized business degrees, and they offer accelerated programs. After I graduate next year I hope to work for the government.

I first heard about Graduate! Philadelphia from a TV commercial where Mayor Nutter mentioned the new adult education initiatives in the city. I came in and Graduate! Philadelphia got the ball rolling right away. With their help I was able to transfer in my past credits from CCP and Temple, and apply for federal loans to pay for tuition and books.

Graduate! Philadelphia is a very hands-on type of organization, they will help you in every way possible to go back to school. But you have to have tenacity to stay with it, push for it. It won’t just fall into your pocket.

Going back and getting a degree to get a better job is not so much about the money for me, it’s about getting a job that I can really contribute to and make a difference in. It’s less a question about money and more of what are you going to do in life?