Luis Oqendo

Peirce College
Peirce College

Let me start by saying that my journey with Graduate! Philadelphia has been amazing. Graduate! Philadelphia is known for assisting adults in returning back to school. Even though that was not my case they did not turn me away. This would actually be my first time ever in college. They have helped me with my financial aid process, my application fee, tips on do's and don'ts with insider experience, and so much more.

Allow to me to elaborate on the above. They helped me acquire my financial aid and made it such a smooth process. My application fee was waived because of my involvement with Graduate! Philadelphia. Now, when I say insider experience, I mean the years of knowledge this team brings to the table. I was informed of things to avoid such as how to save money on books by buying out of pocket and not to use school vouchers, which would cost me retail prices.

Graduate! Philadelphia’s team come from or are well connected with individuals who have gone, are going to or even work at schools. The same schools we as students will be looking into. To add to all of this they even host workshops which are great ways to manage our lives and even network with others in the same shoes as us. Graduate Philadelphia was there in helping me with what I did not know and in helped me with alternatives with the things I did. To add to all of this, the service was at no cost. I think anyone who wishes to pursue a higher education should seek out the services of this great organization. it would be one of the best decisions you will make to better your personal life as well as your career. Thank you Graduate! Philadelphia.