KC Drayton

Peirce College
Peirce College

I wish that you could just see how wonderful you all look from my vantage point. Graduate! Philadelphia helped me create what I describe as a defining moment, a moment that changed my life!

In 2009, after I moved back to Philadelphia to help take care of my older, handicapped brother and ailing mother, I found myself underemployed. I ended up at the PA CareerLink seeking job assistance and training. The counselors there stress education and training for a competitive advantage in the job market. Thanks to the staff at CareerLink, I secured two federal jobs in 5 months. Then came the educational part that CareerLink knew I needed to advance in my government position. They told me to call Graduate! Philadelphia.

I started my college journey many years ago but lost my way due to the usual road blocks…job loss, divorce or illness. Graduate! Philadelphia guided me back on the right path by setting educational goals. I started in 2010 knowing when I wanted to reach the end of that journey, June 2014. My biggest road block came earlier this year during my final semester when I loss both my younger brother and mother in February. Thanks to the outstanding support and encouragement from Graduate! Philadelphia and Peirce College, I stayed on course and created that defining moment on June 9th, graduating with honors, elected member of Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society and Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

By the way I was mistaken. I already set a new goal for myself, an M.B.A.