Jose Ramirez

Philadelphia University
Philadelphia University

Since I began my studies at Philadelphia University in the Accelerated Degree Program in September 2012, the program has provided me with exemplary educational and practical experiences that are very important at this time in my professional career. I am delighted to be part of an educational organization that has provided me with the tools to be successful in today’s industrial world.

I have wanted to get my bachelors’ degree in behavioral science in order to have more opportunities to grow personally and professionally in the helping field. I had to wait a long time to go to college, because English was my second language. It took me 5 years, while working full time as a behavioral health assistant, to obtain my Associate’s Degree at Community College. I had to take beginning level English classes through the ESL program, in order to develop my reading, writing, critical thinking and communication skills to the level where I could advance to a degree program. During this time, I felt like I was in prison, because I was unable to communicate at the level I wanted to in my profession, and I had to struggle to learn how to write effectively in the language. My professors encouraged me to keep going, because they saw my ability to express myself verbally and thus my potential to write. When I was able to master the skills to communicate more fluently and effectively in the English language, and effectively analyze texts and write papers, I was then able to take the next step and begin advanced level of studies. This was a tremendous personal accomplishment for me, because I had to develop a whole new way of thinking, writing and communicating – in a culture context that was new to me and utterly different from anything I had experienced in my life until then.

Growing up in El Salvador, my family instilled in me core values, that helped me persevere in this cross cultural educational adventure. I was raised to be determined, to always do my best, value my time, value education, respect my classmates and professors in order to perform valuable work in my academic studies. In every class in the Accelerated Degree Program at Philadelphia University, I have been challenged because I had to read, perform professional academic research and discuss scholarly articles, create PowerPoints and give classroom presentations.I greatly enjoyed the small class room setting and level of cultural diversity in the program. I found the experience of working with classmates from diverse cultures and perspectives priceless in developing my understanding of myself and others from different cultures and honing my skills in cultural awareness and sensitivities a professional in the behavioral health field.

It was a great learning experience to work in collaboration with classmates in doing in-depth case analysis that immensely assisted and prepared me for today’s business environment. I was grateful for the tutoring department because the staff greatly assisted me in editing some of my research case analysis assignments.I really enjoyed my classes, my classmates and the excellent professors that presented stimulating lectures that addressed real issues pertinent to the behavioral health field. The assignments always were a challenge but at the end of this course of study, I have gained priceless educational knowledge.

I am proud to say that I have attained a Bachelor of Science degree at Philadelphia University. My educational experience at Philadelphia University has transformed my life. I have gained the skills to be effectively prepared as a professional individual in today’s business world. I have developed invaluable educational insights that have assisted me in understanding cultural differences in a social context and who I have become on this journey of cross cultures.

Graduate! Philadelphia greatly assisted and supported me to reach my education goal. Thank you very much for your professional support! I feel that it is never too late to go back to school!