Charise Pastorik

Cheyney University

My name is Charise Pastorik, and if it wasn’t for Graduate Philadelphia, I probably never would have had the courage to go back to school. It started in 2010 when I made a drastic career change. I went from restaurant/hospitality to early childhood education. I currently hold a B.A in Theater Arts

 For the past seven years I have been an assistant Head Start teacher. But now I have decided it is time I become a lead teacher. In order for me to do that, I would have to further my education. I discovered Graduate Philadelphia at a seminar that I had attended at Career Link. Mr. Anthony Johnson and Ms. Mary Bustamante have helped me tremendously. Not only do they have great workshops and seminars, but I have had one-on-one beneficial guidance. If it was not for Graduate! Philadelphia, I probably would still be wandering what if? I am currently enrolled in Cheyney University as a candidate for a Masters in Early Childhood Education with a dual certification in Special Education.