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Encourage people to complete degrees (Japanese Version)

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Encourage people to complete degrees

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Education drives economic development in Philadelphia

Improving Our City's Economy Through Education All photographs by MANUEL DOMINGUEZ JR There is a lot of talk in Philly these days about talent attraction and attainment -- how do we lure the San Francisco start-up maven, the brilliant Chicago college student or the European scientist? And how do we get them to stay? But [...]

Q&A with Graduate!’s Hadass Sheffer

Q & A: Graduate! Philadelphia's Hadass Sheffer Hadass Sheffer is one of the founding forces behind (and current president of) The Graduate! Network, an organization that works to help adults complete college. Here in the region, Graduate! Philadelphia has helped over 2,500 older students earn valuable degrees. The upside to engaging and empowering this population is exponential [...]